Incredible Photos That Were Taken Underneath The Water

Have you ever been mesmerized by those beautiful and unreal underwater images, thinking about the way they were taken? Members of this Reddit community called “Underwater Photography: Pictures, but wet” are sharing some of the most breathtaking shots that were taken in the water by these photography enthusiasts.

Here are some of them.

1. Weightless


2. Took A Picture Of This Beautiful Turtle While Diving In Maldives


3. Whale Shark Behind Our Liveaboard


 4. Baby Sea Turtle!


5. Braved The 12c Farne Islands Waters On The Weekend In Just A Wetty. Worth It


6. Shot From My Recent Dive At “The Pit” Cenote In Tulum!


7. Common (Weedy) Sea Dragon Is Chosen By The Gods


8. Leopard Shark In Exmouth, Western Australia


9. Canon 5d Mark4 8-15l F11@1/125th Iso 2500 Ambient Light


10. One Of My Favourite Photos I’ve Taken Of A Turtle!


11. Submerged


12. Proudly Sharing Wife’s Underwater Macro Photography From Cebu Philippines


13. Breakfast Graze In Playa Del Carmen Mexico


14. A Pod Of Bottlenose Dolphins


15. Glowing Green Squid


16. Turtles Tend To Calm Me Down… Oahu, Hi


17. Canon 5d Mark 4 Sea&sea Housing 8-15mm L Series Lens F11 @ 1/125th Iso 600


18. Dive Buddies


19. My Attempt At Making This Shot Look Like It Was On Land

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