International Borders Around The World

History (and sometimes, unfortunately, current events) shows us just how easily international borders can change, but we still like to think that they are permanent fixtures. These photos of different country borders around the world show you how both friendly and hostile nations like to fence off their turf.

1. Norway And Sweden

2. Iguazu Falls (border Between Argentina-brazil)

3. Hadrian’s Wall Scotland -england ( Built Because The Romans Were Afraid Of The Scots)


4. River Prut As Border Between Romania And Republic Of Moldova

5. Chui, Uruguay – Brazil Border


6. Berlin, The Light Bulbs Still Show The East/west Division From Orbit

@Vasili Trigoudis

7. India – Pakistan Border (atari – Wagah)

@Saad Khan

8. Slovakia (left) Vs Ukraine (right)

@Matus Somr

9. Hungary (left) And Slovakia (right)

@Daniel Portik

10. “lago Internacional” Between Mexico And Guatemala

@Mauro Curt

11. Slovakia Vs. Poland – Main Ridge Of High Tatras Mountains

@Matus Morong

12. Brazil – Uruguay Border, Two Sister Cities Known As The “border Of Piece” (rivera And Santana)


13. Point Where Borders Of Germany, The Netherlands And Belgium Converge Near City Of Aachen

14. The Woman At Right Is Standing In The Lithuanian Village Of Norviliskes To Speak With Her Belarusian Relatives Across The Fence On The Border Between Belarus And Lithuania

@Sergei Grits

15. Switzerland Vs. Liechtenstein

@Matus Morong

16. Border Between France And Italy

@Marina Mihaylova

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