This Roman Bathhouse Was Built Over 2,000 Years Ago And Is Still Up And Running

Situated among the green pines, cedars, and lush oak forests of the Aurès Mountains lies El Hamma town in the Northern part of Algeria, Khenchela Province. A mild, Mediterranean climate gives way to picturesque sightings of unique natural landscapes.

Among them, you can find a rare gem – an ancient Roman bath that has existed for 2000 years already, and that is classified as a protected national historical heritage.

@Ghezal Tarek

It is called Hammam Essalihine (the bath of the righteous or thermal baths of Flavius) and the historical site is still used today as it was thousands of years ago. Known for its therapeutic benefits, it attracts not only the locals but the tourists from all around the world, also.

The fresh air of the mountains (1.500 m or 4921ft above sea level) combined with distinguished ancient Roman architecture and therapeutic virtues of the water of the baths attracts almost 700,000 visitors every year.

The waters of Hammam Essalhine spa are known to be pure and extremely rich in minerals. The water’s temperature is around 70°C (158 °F) and it is believed to help with rheumatic, dermatological, as well as respiratory diseases. Of course, like any other respectable spa, Hammam Essalhine offers relaxation treatments, massages, and even hydrotherapy sessions offered by physiotherapists working there.

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