Mythical Charm of Krejagbolten: Norway’s Stone of Love

Krejagbolten, or Stone of Love, is a popular destination for visitors to Norway. The stone, believed to be a glacial deposit from the Ice Age, is located on the shores of Lake Totak in Western Norway and weighs over 20 tons.

Local legend has it that if a couple can lift the stone together, it is a sign of unbreakable love and they will have a long and happy marriage.

Due to its folklore, Krejagbolten has become a romantic place for couples to visit and attempt to lift the heavy stone as a symbol of their love.


Krejagbolten also offers visitors breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Located in beautiful Western Norway, the stone sits on the banks of Lake Totak surrounded by soaring mountains and lush green forest. Visitors can hike the surrounding trails, go fishing on the lake, or simply relax in nature.

Whether visiting for the legend of the Stone of Love or the stunning natural beauty, Krejagbolten is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Norway.

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