Scary And Funny Vehicle Designs

These creepy vehicles have incredibly cool and spooky designs on their stunning exteriors.

Hop on the haunted highways, if you’re brave enough! Here are some of the scary ones.

1. The Road Fish

2. Care for a banana?

3. The Road Wolf


4. Beware the dragon!

5. Careful for the hog!

6. Fine arts school teacher went a little mad

7. Dragon Car

8. A wonder-fish

9. Always sunny inside

10. Anyone hungry? Call for a hot-dog!

11. Bad eyesight-car

12. Help!

13. Here some flowers for you!

14. Hey, fishie!

15. I now pronounce you…

16. I’m watching you

17. It drives – it’s a car!

18. I’ve got some spare wheels… Oh, not a problem!

19. I’ve parked my car over there! See, taupe brown

20. Let go of me, you lobster!

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