Debate continues: Sun bears or humans in costumes?

The world is a curious place, full of mysteries. Does Bigfoot exist? What do aliens think of current music? Will Nessie ever be found? The latest viral mystery is about bears in a Chinese zoo. These bears have human-like behaviors, leading to speculation of humans in bear costumes.

1. Hi!

@Kevin Dietrich

2. A video resurfaced showing sun bears lounging like humans


3. It once again sparked a theory that this Chinese zoo was faking animals and these were humans in costumes

@ITV News

4. Sun bears are incredibly intelligent and are able to mimic humans – this one learned how to wave


5. Despite the theory being debunked, many people are still not convinced that they are, in fact, bears


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@Sergej Ivanov

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@Graham Morrison

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@Valtteri Mulkahainen

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15. Shakesbear: to bear or not to bear?

@James Galetto

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@Olav Thokle

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@Meta Penca

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@Nikolai Zinoviev

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@Steven Kazlowski

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@Daniel J. Cox

24. Easy, lemme fix this

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