‘Bizarre Buildings’: 23 Of The Strangest And Most Unique Buildings From All Over The World

The world is chock full of wonderfully weird and unbelievably beautiful architecture, and the ‘Bizarre Buildings’ subreddit documents the best of the bunch. Sure, some of these places look extremely unpractical for anyone inside… but gosh! Look at how impressive they are!

Scroll down to enter the r/bizarrebuildings rabbit hole, and don’t panic if you meet Alice.

1. Alpine Refuge From World War I Located At 2760 Meters, Monte Cristallo, Italy


2. Unzipped Building. Milano, Italy


3. Sanaa, Yemen


4. King Alfred’s Tower In England, Built In 1772


5. France Built 1347


6. Peles Castle, Romania


7. Hang Nga’s “Crazy House” In Dalat, Vietnam


8. Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam


9. This Building Looks Like It Was Designed In Microsoft Word


10. Office In The Woods Near Madrid, Spain


11.The Dunmore Pineapple In Dunmore Park


12. Evil? Debatable. Bizarre? Absolutely!


13. Container House In The Desert


14. Mogno, Switzerland


15.  Abandoned Art Deco Awesomeness In The South Of France


16.  Still Standing In Canterbury, UK


17. Industry City Building – Sunset Park, Brooklyn


18. Fallen Star


19. The Steel House, Lubbock, Texas


20. This Building In Sydney Has Mastered The Art Of Hula


21. An Apartment Building That Popped Up In Krasnodar, Russia


22. Former Us Listening Station In Berlin, Germany


23.House On A Leg, Hamburg, Germany


Credits to Boredpanda and to all photographers

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