25 Photos Of Masters Of Disguise – Mossy Frogs

In nature, camouflage can be a matter of life and death. The ability to blend into one’s environment is a crucial survival tactic for both predators and prey animals. For hunters, being unnoticeable helps them capture their victim much more easily and for the hunted one, it increases its chances of being undetected by the predator.

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Consequently, there are many oddly-colored animals out there who cannot be easily spotted by just anyone. One of those camouflage experts is Theloderma corticale, more commonly known as the Vietnamese mossy frog. This species of frogs got its name from its appearance.

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The unique patterns and colors on these cool frogs’ skin make them look like clumps of moss growing on rocks. This very effective camouflage allows the mossy frogs to blend into their muddy and mossy environment with ease.

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Credits to Boredpanda and all photographers

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