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This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Sharing “Death Stairs”, Here Are 24 Of Their Best Photos

Going up and down stairs is a regular part of most people’s days. Whether you live in a two-story house, work on the fifth floor of an office building, or live in a city with lots of hills and stairs to climb, you probably don’t think much about them when you encounter a flight of stairs. But I’m sure we all know that feeling where you accidentally misstep while walking down them or think you’ve reached a last step a tad bit prematurely, and suddenly, your heart skips a beat and your life flashes before your eyes.

Here are some of the most dangerous and frightening staircases the world has to offer, shared on Death Stairs Facebook group.

1.  Hard no for me.

@Chris Duzan

2. Huntington Place Convention Center, Detroit

@Kyle Davis

3. Floating Death Stairs At Machu Picchu, Peru…. I’m Sure That Drop Off On The Left When You Slip Is Just Fiiiiiiiin

@Jorge Acosta

4. Takes Some Guts To Step Onto Here! I Gather It’s Tijuca Peak – Rio De Janeiro And I’m Not Planning To Visit Any Time Soon!

@Helen Dashwood

5. And That’s How Fred Flinstone Came To Have Two Hip Replacements

@Caitlin Tracy

6. The Frozen Stairs Of Death! Stairs Up To The Top Of Snowdon, North Wales, UK!

@Gill Allen

7. No. So Much No

@Francois Scott

8. Death Stairs

@FarEast Tupolev Tong

9. China’s Stairway to Heaven in Taihang Shan


10. Eah, Have A Few Drinks Upstairs At The Restaurant, Then Good Luck Navigating The Geometric Nightmare That Awaits

@Dee Glick

11. Slippery When Wet, Aguas Calientes, Peru

@Claudia van der Smissen

12. Scary

@Robert Pelletier

13. Huangshan Mountain, China

@Tom Williams

14. This Is Jacob’s Ladder In Falmouth, UK On 3rd Nov 2022 During A Terrible Downpour

@Rachael Gaunt

15. Abandoned Staircase, Croatia

@Carl Brownell

16. To The Hell

@Laurent Garrigos

17. Uhhh Yikes!!

@Denise Chase

18. You Too, Can Be Human History; With Death Stairs!

@Fayad Qifar

19. Stairs In My Grandparents House

@Dawid Trawicki

20. Bet Those Icy Nights Are Tough On The Pizza Delivery Guy!

@Jeff Kelley

21. Imagine Going Back Down

@Woody Bolz

22.  This Thing Bends From A Ladder To Stairs Near The Middle, If You Even Reach The Middle

@Lassik Blair

23. Death Stairs

@Rob McKinnon

24. The Stairs Going Down To “The Pit” At The Plant I’m Working On. Covered In Years Of Grease And Metal Punch Outs

@Matt Mee

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