Egyptian American Designer Hassan Ragab

Hassan Ragab, is an Egyptian American Designer, Media Artist, Architect, and Public Speaker based in California, USA. He showcases his work and creative portfolio on his website using ai.

Here are some of his Work.

Middle-class dissipate in the wilderness of the 21st century. A scenario is soon to be global. Egypt

As a designer, Hassan Ragab demonstrates his skills and expertise through his diverse range of services and work samples. His services may include various design-related areas such as graphic design, digital art, and architecture.

AI generated images exploring modular architecture. Created using Midjourney.

Being a media artist, Hassan Ragab explores the intersection of art and technology, utilizing digital mediums to create innovative and visually captivating artworks. His digital artworks and stills showcase his creativity and artistic vision.

The City is A Tram

Architectural Façades using #midjorney

Plastic #artnouveau #midjourney #AIart #AI #architecture

#AI generated #stablediffusionart #StableDiffusion2 #architecture

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