50+ Crappy Wildlife Photos That Are So Bad They’re Good 

Wild animals⁠, they move. A camera⁠, it wobbles. A hand⁠, it shakes. And weather⁠, it’s always a mystery. This is the combination you need to get a spectacularly terrible wildlife pic. In fact, some of the entries are so bad they’ve made their way into the Crap Wildlife Photography group on Facebook.

Here are some of the best-failed shots that may make you think twice about pressing that capture button any time soon.

1. I Know, I Know, Puh-Lease. I’m The Cutest Thing Ever, Right?

@Sherry Aldrich Sineath

2. Mine

@Billie Batek

3. When You Have A Wild Night And Forget Your Way Back Home In The Morning

@Alberto Curiel

4. The Campground We Stayed At Has A Bathroom Attendant. But All He Does Is Silently Judge Your Hand Washing Skills

@Jessica Burke

5. Finally Found One Of Those Radioactive Spiders. No, It’s Not Because Of The Flash

@Emmanuel Sanchez

6. Beagull

@Jonathan Chen

7. He Really Did Have A Cute Face

@Deb Aselford

8. Meanwhile In Thailand

@Adam Liam McCleery

9. I Had This Strange Feeling I Was Being Watched….

@Clifford Wilson

10. This Does Not Need A Caption, Right? Like, We’re Good Here

@Metin Fennema

11. Knock At The Door Turned Out To Be This Owl

@Richard Neal

12. It Was My First Trip To Mexico. The First Time I Saw Monkeys In The Wild. I Was So Excited To Use My New Camera

@Angie Sanchez

13. Peace On The Delaware River, NY ✌️

@Cassie Ward

14. Someone Suggested I Put This Photo Of My Crazy Green Heron Doing A Dance On The Water And Rocks

@Mary Jansen Thorne

15. What Variety Of Caterpillar Is This?

@Kathy Botu

16. Can Someone Tell Me What Kind Of Bird This Is?

@Caroline Coplen

17. Excuse Me?

@Jim Marsh

18. Had A Power Outage (Bay Area) And Had To Drive A Couple Cities Over To Grab Dinner. I Stopped At A Light And Was Trying To Figure Out Where I Was Going When I Saw These Lil Cuties Out Of The Corner Of My Eye. This Was The Only Picture I Could Get Before They Disappeared And The Light Turned Green

@Victoria Long

19. I Took This Week During My Morning Walk

@Katya Ceci Ribeiro

20. Courtesy Of My Dad And His Ancient Phone… Little Owl Eating Lunch

21. I’m Not Sure Why I Ever Thought It Was A Good Idea To Take A Picture Of The Sheep In The Dark, But It Ended Up Being The Stuff That Nightmares Are Made Of

22. This Freaky Flying Ghost Child Is Actually A Blurred Great Blue Heron

23. Add Your Description

@Mark Oertel

24. I Can Show You The World

@Michelle Sobek

25. This Guy Pecks On Our Door Almost Daily And Brings Offerings Of Bugs Snakes And Lizards

@Justin Singleton

26. I Accidentally Shot This Photo While This Little Bastard Was Attacking Me. Triggerfish Are The Best

@Martina Andrés

27. Car Camping In Idaho A Few Years Ago. Bull Elk Came Up On The Car In The Middle Of The Night And I Had My Own Jurassic Park T-Rex Experience

@Carly Muench

28. The Beautiful Whitetail Deer. Full Of Grace… And Our Idiot Cat Who Mistook Her For My Dog And Decided To Give Chase

@Madi Hagen

29. The Magnificent Sight Of An Elephant On The Dusty Plains Of Africa Scratching Its Balls On A Termite Mound

@Mike Redding

30. I Tried My Best, Ok

@Sheldon Grant

31. I’ve Never Seen This Animal Before! Does Anyone Know What It’s Called?

@Jenna Lindquist

32. Two Majestic Bald Eagles, One Photo Bombing Sea Lion… And A Crappy Auto Focus

@Roelant Siekman

33. Behold The Red-Bellied Woodpecker Feasting On A Block Of Fresh Suet

@Heidi Harrison

34. It’s That Crazy Door To Door Salesman Again

@Mike Davis

35. ‘Eagles In Speedboats’ Would Be The Name Of My Hipster Synth Electro Band

@Belle Samantha Raee

36. “What Do You Mean I Can’t Eat Inside!!”

@MK Doren

37. Walking Home From The Bar One Night, I Was Challenged By This Powerful Trash Panda

@Riley Sophia Penaluna

38. My New Camera Had A Night Mode And Was Trying To Get An Owl On The 4th Of July. I Think We Got Nuked Instead

@Chris Hildebrant

39. Needs A Cuddle, Whatever It Is

@Viv Viv

40. Next On The Kinky Channel

@Stoo Odom

41. Security Camera Had Me Thinking We Either Had Demons Or Flying Frogs. Further Review Revealed… Just A Plain Old Wasp

@Melissa Rozakis

42. Guess What Animal

@Mark Casey

43. I Wonder If My Neighbour Should Be Worried?

@Rhiannon Bryant

44. A Horse For Kings, The Pura Raza Española, But Only Roaming Through Andalucia’s Wild Plains Will Show You Their True, Unconquerable Character

@Charlotte Nies

45. Yes, My Timing Is Impeccable. It’s Not Something That Can Be Taught, It’s A Gift

@Greg Fight

46. Spotted My First And Only Kiwi Bird In New Zealand. Pity It Looks Like A Bad Wig Running For Its Life

@Clare KM

47. What A L(O)vely (C)ouple X

@Chloe Wyon

48. Throwback To Taking A Poorly Timed Picture Of A Praying Mantis On My Windshield Before Leaving For Work

@Jerilyn Mur

49. I Heard Him Whistling As He Walked By. True Story

@Laura Holman Grabe

50. I Call It “Preaching To The Choir” But Draw Your Own Conclusions! Something Very Strange Is Definitely Going On Here!

@Brenda Jame

51. It Was Fun Taking Photos Of The Bear In Our Yard, Until He Decided He Wanted To Visit Us On The Deck! Bears Can Run Fast!

@Mary Johnson

52. That Time I Caught The Raccoons Smoking In The Garbage Dumpster

@Joy Vinci

53. I Call Him Buddha ……. And Sir

@Leanne Rae-Cannon

54. Okay! Fine! Whatever…

@Amy Nicolai

55. Even The Squirrels Have Given Up On 2020 (Edit- No Need To Be Concerned…the Squirrel Is Just Resting. She Moved On Quickly After)

@Faun Carlson

56. There’s Some Soap Opera Level Drama Happening At The Bird Feeder…i Wonder What The Story Is? Squirrel Seems Worried Someone Is Tryna Take Her Man, That’s For Sure…

@Amy Belmore-Young

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