People Are Sharing Oddly Satisfying Photos

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get no satisfaction? No, not in the way Mick Jagger meant it. But because scrolling on the internet often leads us down a bleak rabbit hole. Whether it’s heartbreaking news headlines or facepalm worthy stories about people who shouldn’t have platforms, it can be difficult to find anything uplifting. 

Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy scrolling through these photos that will hopefully bring you a sense of peace.

1. Japanese Rice Field Art


2. Sheets Of Snow


3. This Seamless Circle Of Cats


4. This Nice Leaf Art (By @lito_leafart)


5. An Entire Alphabet Is Carved Into A Pencil


6. The Deformities In This Carrot Make It Look Like It’s Walking


7. This Wall Art I Saw On A Library

8. These Cats Sleeping Perfectly Aligned On The Stairs


9. Right Spot At The Right Time


10. The Way Water Droplets Formed On My Strawberry Plant


11. Very Rare Beauty. Radiant!


12. The Horizon, Ocean, And Railing Lined Up


13. The Dog I’m Dogsitting Looks Exactly Like Her Food


14. The Way The Snow Accumulated


15. Image Of A Turtle In A Clear Lake


16. Snow Pinwheels! Natures Warning Sign Of Rising Avalanche Risk


17. House Covered In Snow


18. Sunrise Over The Blue Ridge Mountains


19. A Spectrum In My Backyard


20. My Community Just Applied A New Seal Coat On The Pavement


21. Satisfying Texture


22. The Lemons Are Stacked On Top Of Each Other


23. 23


24. Pure Satisfaction 😂


25. Lithops Are South African Plants That Have Evolved To Look Like Stones


26. It Looks Like A Leafy Spoonful Of Cottage Cheese


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