Most Fascinating Pictures Shared On This Urban Street Photography Group

Taking pictures is the only way to freeze a brief moment that will never repeat itself ever again. Even if it’s something as mundane as a person walking on the sidewalk or a bird flying over the city square. When it comes to immortalizing the beauty of people’s everyday life, street photographers do it perfectly one candid shot at a time.

Here are some of their most fascinating pictures, depicting everything from romance to traffic, from birds to people.

1. Goallllll!

@Gabriel Wu

2. Essaouira, Morocco 2022

@Tavepong Pratoomwong

3. Cat And A Mouse

@Yaşar Koç

4. Sunlight

@Александр Шаварев

5. Hi All! Happy New Year!

@Сергей Санжаров

6. This Is How Angels Are Born

@Sorin Dobrescu

7. Lovers (Mantua, Italy)

@Tim Askerov

8. Snowy Night Walk

@Jimmy Hada

9. Pretzels

@Yaşar Koç

10. Saint Catherine / Egypt

@Mosbah Hammad

11. Take It Easy

12. Light

@Rajesh MuthuswamyT

13. A Moment Of Solitude. Location: Bhaktapur, Nepal

@Ashraful Arefin

14. “Contrasts” One Of The Streets Warsaw

@Sebastian Tarczyńsk

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