Gigantic Things That Are A Big For People With Megalophobia

Megalophobia is the fear of large objects. Some common triggers include tall skyscrapers, large statues, vast mountains, big ships, and even animals like elephants or whales. But for a more comprehensive and vivid list, let’s visit the subreddit ‘Megalophobia.’

Here are pictures of the things that they find just too massive to be comfortable with.

1. Coastal Redwoods Are A Thing To Admire


2. Infinite Lavender Field In Valensole, South Of France


3. Terrifying Water Wall


4. Imagine Just Enjoying A Swim Underwater And This Big Boy Coming Up Behind You

The Giant pacific octopus. It is mainly found 2,000 meters deep in the ocean and is best adapted to cold and oxygen-rich water.

5. Inside A Salt Mine In Soledar, Ukraine


6. Airship Hangar (People For Scale)


7. This Enormous Crocodile Was Pulled From The Water In Zimbabwe Back In 2010 After Cows & Other Vital Livestock Kept Vanishing

8. The Size Of This Monstrous Machine


9. Giant Hands Emerge From Venice


10. Comet 67p/C-G Compared To The City Of Los Ángeles


11. Went To St. Peter’s Basilica Today And The Sheer Size Of It Made Me Feel A Little Uneasy Tbh


12. This One Is Very Unsettling


13. Superkintaro


14. Not Something You Find On The Beach Everyday


15.  Troll-A, Over 1500 Feet Tall, Being Taken Out To Sea Before It’s Legs Are Sunk Down To The Ocean Floor


16. Crew Members Standing Inside The Cargo Tank Of An Lng (Liquefied Natural Gas) Tanker


17. Constructed From 1978 To 1982 In Noisy-Le-Grand, A Suburb Located Ten Miles East Of Paris, Les Espaces D’abraxas Is A Notable Housing Estate Designed By The Late Catalan Architect Ricardo Bofill, Who Passed Away Last Year


18. No Thanks

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