Exploring Unusual Buildings Around the World

Exploring Unusual Buildings Around the World

People share unusual buildings that have emerged as captivating landmarks that defy convention. From structures designed to blend harmoniously with their surroundings to daring designs that push the limits of imagination.

Here are some of the most remarkable buildings.

1. 764 meters long “The Lying Skyscraper”, Moscow

2. This strange house, built in the 18th centure in Norland, Norway

3. Beirut Terraces is a contemporary living that stands tall at the heart of Lebanon

4. Hierarchy Towers in Singapore

5. The Taipei Tower 101

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6. The Huangshan Mountain Peak Buildings.

The building’s design was inspired by the natural rock formations found in the Huangshan Mountains.


7. The MVRDV Buildings

Composed of a series of stacked, cube-shaped structures that appear to hover above one another.

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9. The Agora Garden

Completed in 2017, stands out amongst the rest with its unique twisted green balconies that wrap around the entire facade of the building.

@ Vincent Callebaut

10. The Condominium Complex Singaore

Stands out with its unconventional stacked design. The complex features 31 apartment blocks, each six-stories tall, that are stacked in a seemingly random fashion.

 11. Folkart Tower, located in Cebu City, Philippines

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