Jonathan The Tortoise Photographed In 1902 And Today

Although he may be not as fast as he used to be, 191-year-old Jonathan the giant tortoise is still going strong. He just might be the oldest living tortoise, or even terrestrial animal, in the world.

It is thought that Jonathan was brought to the island of St. Helena in 1882. A photo from 1902 shows him at his full adult size and it can take 50 years for a giant tortoise to reach its adult size, meaning that he could have been born in 1832.

Jonathan is probably the oldest land animal currently living, but he isn’t the oldest ever – other tortoises have lived longer, with one unconfirmed tortoise in India that may have lived up to as many as 250 years of age.

Here Is A Real Story About Jonathan…

In the remote island of St Helena, there live a creature named Jonathan. Jonathan is no ordinary animal; he his a giant tortoise with a fascinating story. Believed to be a staggering 191 years old, Jonathan could very well be the oldest land creature alive.

The beautiful island of St Helena, located in the South Atlantic Ocean, is known for its isolation and tight-knit community. Its history as a center of commerce for the East India Company in the 17th Century made it a unique place.

Jonathan is not native to St Helena; he is a Seychelles Giant tortoise, a species hailing from the Aldabra Atoll in the Indian Ocean. Despite his origins, Jonathan had firmly established himself as a beloved resident of the island.

However, his long life had not been without its challenges. The island had become a tourist hotspot, attracting visitors from all over the world who were eager to catch a glimpse of Jonathan. But sometimes, their enthusiasm turned into careless behavior, causing harm to the gentle giant for the sake of a few photos.

Realizing the importance of protecting this historic creature, the community rallied together to ensure Jonathan’s well-being. They implemented a new feeding regime to ensure he received proper nutrition, and measures were taken to shield him from overzealous sightseers.

Jonathan became a symbol of resilience and longevity, capturing the hearts of both locals and visitors alike. People marveled at the knowledge that this incredible tortoise had seen generations come and go, and had lived through momentous events in history.

As of 2024, he is estimated to be 191 years old, making him the oldest known living land animal. Jonathan resides on the island of Saint Helena, a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. His continued existence is celebrated, and he even holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest tortoise ever.

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