People Share 50 Creepy Megalophobia Moments In Photos

People can be afraid of many things, from darkness to spiders, to you name it. Some of these fears are totally irrational, others come from our childhoods and creep in well into our adult lives. One of such bizarre fears is megalophobia.

This subreddit named r/Megalophobia puts a test on your fear of large objects, here are 50 photos of them.

1. The Sheer Size Of The Pacific


2. The Swedish Warship Vasa


3. A Truly Astounding Image. A Street In Macau With The Grand Lisboa Casino Looming In The Background


4. This Sinkhole In Guatemala City


5. Statue Of Poseidon In Spain


6. I Don’t Want To See This When I Go Hiking


7. This Art Installation


8. A Mountain In Iceland


9. All The Vastness Of The Canadian Rockies As Seen From 8,000ft Above Kananaski Country


10. The Naga Cave In Thailand Looks Like A Giant Petrified Snake


11. Monster Of A Machine


12. Vintage Photo Of A Working Horse


13. Weta Workshop’s Realistic Giants For The Dubai Expo


14. A British Scientist Descending Into An Antarctic Crevasse


15. Behold The Largest Animal To Ever Live


16. A School Of Fish


17. Titanic vs. The Largest Modern Cruise Ships


18.  Ship Breaking. One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The World


19. Within The Waves


20. Colossal Underbelly Of An Iceberg


21. Proposed 400-Foot Human-Shaped Electricity Pylons In Iceland


22. What You’re Looking At Is The Largest Heart On Earth, The Heart From A Blue Whale !

An Average Blue Whale’s Heart Is About 4 Feet Wide, And 5 Feet Tall. (1.2 M/1.5 M) The Heart Itself Weighs Over 400 Pounds! (182 Kg)

23. A Bridge That Also Served As A Prison. Ronda, Spain


24. World’s Largest Log Cabin


25. The Fact That Elephant Seals Grow Up To 13 Feet And 4500 Pounds Blew Me Away


26. Because Why Not


27. Demolition Of Cockenzie Power Station, Scotland, 2015


28. St. Peters Basilica, People For Scale


29. Kitty Are You Okay


30. Giant Iceberg, Iceberg Alley Canada


31. Aerium In Berlin, Germany. Built In 1938. (Left Corner: People For Scale)


32. This One Does It For Me


33. View Near The Chongqing Megastructure


34. The African Renaissance Monument” In Senegal


34. Buh, A Trout, Oh Wait


35. Krishna Butterball Is A Massive 250 Ton And 20ft High Rock Boulder On A Slippery Slope Of A Hill On Less Than 4ft Base Didn’t Rolled Downhill And Is In This Position For More Than 2000 Years


36. Once Upon A Time In 1933 — This Devil Ray Once Roamed The Deeps Of The New Jersey Coast


37. The Angel Of The North, Gateshead, Northumberland, UK


38. Monument To The Conquerors Of Space, Moscow. Built In 1964


39. Sky Manta!


40. Nuclear Bomb Detonating Underwater


41. Largest Cave Mouth In The World, Gruta Casa De Pedra Located In Sao Paulo State, Brazil, Has A Mouth That Is 216m (708ft) Tall


42. Look At The Size Of This Grouper (Toilet On The Left For Scale)


43. The Kelpies, Falkirk, Scotland


44. A Vertical Parking Lot Structure In Chicago, 1940s


45. Don’t Google “Japanese Olympics Balloon


46.  My Actual Worst Nightmare, By On Instagram


47. Whatever This Is


48. Tail Baila, Maharashtra


49. Saturn’s 200-Km-Wide Moon Janus, Imaged By Cassini On September 25, 2006


50. The Dream, Warrington, UK

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