26 Japanese Inventions That Show Off How Distinct The Country Is From Any Other Place

Often, when we see a particularly innovative or cute design, our brains jump to ‘Japan.’ The East Asian nation has a well-deserved reputation for clever designs and blending the traditional and modern. 

Here are some of the most unique ways that Japan does things.

1.  An Umbrella Sky In Metsa Village, Japan


2. Rice Field Art In Japan


3.  My Favorite Shop Sign In Kyoto


4.  I Found This At My Host Family’s House In Japan


5. City Lights Of Nagano Seen Through The Thick Fog At Night


6. Flower Field In Hokkaido, Japan


7. A Bookstore In Matsumoto City


8. These Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops

9.  I Went To Shinjuku And Saw The Coolest Advertisement Display


10. This Building In Tokyo With Plants Growing On The Walls


11. Chiba Urban Monorail In Japan


12. In Japan, There’s A Privacy Button That Plays Sound In The Background Of The Toilet So That No One Would Hear Your Business


13. There Was A Sales Car Of KFC Without Any Salesman


14. A Chopstick Store In Kappabashi Street, Tokyo


15. Speaker Shrine In Japan That You Can Bluetooth Your Own Audio To


16. This Beautiful Statue In Sendai, Japan

17.  These Are Refrigerated Lockers To Store Your Groceries. Saw This At The Airport In Hokkaido, Japan


18. This Kyoto Station Has 12 Floors Of Escalators


19. Hotel In Tokyo Has A Free Smartphone To Use While Being There


20. Only Japan Airports Arrange Luggages By Color


21. I Climbed Mountain Fuji Yesterday, And Someone Ordered Domino’s Pizza


22. This Road Looks Like A Rollercoaster


23. Pavilion Tokyo 2021. An Interesting Tea House In The Middle Of The City


24. A Bloom Of Jellyfishes On The Beach Near My Home In Southern Japan


25. A U-Shaped Road That Jumps Out Into The Sea


26. A Building Called “The Face House” In Kyoto, Japan


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