16 Funny Animal Posts That Will Leave You With The Biggest Smile

What’s funnier than a hedgehog enjoying a car ride? Or a bear climbing onto a bird feeder? A wild boar making a nudist bather chase it all around the beach by stealing their laptop, of course.

Animals never cease to find new ways to make us laugh. Luckily, we regularly capture them and share the footage on the Internet for everyone to see.

Here are the funniest ones. Source: Here

1. Quokkas Are The Face Of Happiness


2. Cheeeese!


3. Winter, When The Leaves Have Fallen And The Trees Are Bear


4. Here’s My Favorite Picture Of Me With A Snuggly Capybara


5. The Look On That Seal’s Face


6. I Was Photobombed By An Iguana While In Puerto Rico


7. Safety First


8.  Look, It’s Me

@Geir Arne Vian

9. Looks Like This Pigeon Has A Pretty Intense Phone Call


10. Fluffiest Cow


11. It’s Gonna Be A Looong Car Ride


12. I’m Volunteering In A Bear Refuge In Croatia And I Thought Like Sharing This Photo Of A Chillaxing Lad With You Guys


13. Horse Lady


14. I Came Home Last Night To Find This Thief Just Standing There Menacingly


15. My Aunt Works For A Vet And This Guy Was Booked In For A Check-Up


16. I Have No Shame

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