People Hiking on Dangerous Cliffs(30photos)

The Adrenaline Rush & Experiences Gained From Sleeping Hanging On A Cliff

People Shares an Incredible Photos of Adventurers Braving the Perilous Heights. From vertigo-inducing precipices to breathtaking vistas, we present a collection of 30 awe-inspiring photos that showcase the sheer bravery and astonishing beauty of people venturing on the edge.

Here are the most captivating ones:

Climbers Camped In The Middle of The Cliff

reddit –
Redpoint Cowboy
Hippy Bullshit
Pacific Ocean Wall, El Cap, Yosemite, CA photo by ergobachmann
The Salathe Wall, Free | Steph Davis – High Places Photos: freeing the Salathe, images by Jimmy Chin
cliff camping

Flydalsjuvet Geiranger, Norway
Photo by Gabirulo on flicker
Last hike of the summer. Half Dome, August 2013, Yosemite National Park
National Geographic’s photo
Death-Defying Trails You’ll Still Want To Hike
Mackenzie Brown
The Send Safari: Sasha’s Trip to South Africa
sasha in South Africa
 stairs in Pico Tijuca, Brazil
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