Felsenkapelle Gschlößtal in Osttirol, Austria

Felsenkapelle Gschlößtal is a chapel located in the Gschlößtal valley in the north of Matrei in Osttirol, Austria. The chapel was built between 1870 and 1880 after the original chapel, constructed in 1688, was destroyed by avalanches.

It is situated at an altitude of approximately 1690 m above sea level on the left bank of the Gschlößbach stream. The chapel is known for its unique location, as it is built inside a natural cave of a huge rock. This positioning was chosen in order to provide better avalanche protection to the village below. Most of the chapel is made of natural stone.

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Today, Felsenkapelle Gschlößtal serves as a local landmark and is a popular attraction for hikers exploring the Gschlößtal valley. It can be visited as a stop along a hiking trail in the area. The chapel is an interesting historical and cultural site, showcasing the resilience of the locals who rebuilt it after multiple natural disasters.

Please note that the chapel is located in a protected area, so it’s important to check local regulations, specifically those of Nationalpark Hohe Tauern, before planning a visit.

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