How This Dangerous Walkway Construction on a Mountain in China was Constructed

China is developing its infrastructure at a rapid pace. With its vast population and massive land area, the country has to continuously build new roads, bridges, and highways to accommodate the needs of its growing economy. One of the latest projects that have caught the attention of the world is the paving of a road on a cliff of a mountain pathway in Pingliang, Hunan.

The cliff road is a unique challenge for engineers and construction workers. It is located in a rugged terrain with steep drops and narrow curves.

To pave the road, the workers have to maneuver heavy equipment on a narrow ledge, with drops of up to several hundred feet on one side. They also need to deal with harsh weather conditions like high winds, snow, and rain, which can make the work even more challenging.

The workers started the project by laying a long hose on the side of the cliff, which they used to transport concrete mix from the bottom to the top. The hose is more than 1,000 meters long, and its diameter is around 40 centimeters. The workers attached the hose to a pump that mixes the concrete on the bottom, and then pumps it up to the workers on top of the cliff. This method saves time and labor, as the workers do not have to carry the concrete mix themselves, which would have been a daunting task.

The construction workers also used pre-fabricated concrete blocks that were transported to the site by helicopters. The blocks are designed to fit the contours of the cliff road, and they can be connected to each other to form a solid and stable foundation. The workers used cranes to lift the blocks onto the road, and then they applied a layer of concrete mix to strengthen the structure. The process is repeated until the road is fully paved.

The project is expected to be completed in a few months, and when it’s finished, it will be a major accomplishment for the construction workers and engineers. The new cliff road will provide a vital link between remote areas, and it will shorten the travel time for residents who currently have to take a longer route to reach their destination. It will also boost the local economy, as it will improve the transportation of goods and services.

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