Bulgaria’s Unique Book Benches

Sitting with Books: Exploring Bulgaria’s Book Benches and Their Literary Stories

Book Benches in Bulgaria are unique benches shaped like books. These benches were first created in Burgas, a city in Bulgaria. They are made of fiberglass with guaranteed resistance to different climatic conditions and are designed to be customizable according to requirements. Book lovers not only stop to read any interesting story but also take a rest on those books.

book benches in Bulgaria

Exploring the Different Types of Book Benches in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is known for its rich history, culture, and traditions, but it’s also a place where creativity and innovation thrive. One of the most recent and exciting examples of this is the Book Bench project, which began in the coastal city of Burgas. These benches, shaped like books, have become a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. They not only provide a place to sit and relax but also showcase Bulgarian literature and culture in a unique way. Here are some of the different types of book benches you can find in Bulgaria:

1. Classic Literature Book Benches

Some of the most popular book benches in Bulgaria are those dedicated to classic literature. You can find benches with the shapes of famous books by Bulgarian authors, such as Ivan Vazov’s “Under the Yoke,” Aleko Konstantinov’s “To Chicago and Back,” and Elin Pelin’s “The Gerakari.” These benches are not only functional but also celebrate Bulgarian literature and its impact on the world.

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2. Children’s Book Benches

Bulgarian children’s literature is an essential part of the country’s culture. Therefore, there are book benches dedicated to famous Bulgarian children’s book authors such as Lyuben Dilov, Dora Gabe, and Emiliyan Stanev. These benches often have bright colors and playful designs, making them perfect for children and families.

3. Nature Inspired Books

Bulgaria is known for its beautiful nature, and some book benches are inspired by it. You can find benches shaped like leaves, flowers, and even a tree trunk. These benches are often found in parks, gardens, and other outdoor spaces, providing a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature.

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4. Historical and Cultural Book Benches

Bulgaria has a rich history and culture, and some book benches are dedicated to its famous figures, landmarks, and events. You can find benches shaped like the Cyrillic alphabet, the Bulgarian flag, and even a bench dedicated to the famous Bulgarian revolutionary, Vasil Levski.

5. Personalized Book Benches

One of the unique features of the Book Bench project is that you can personalize your own bench. Individuals, organizations, and businesses can sponsor the creation of a bench and choose the book title and design. This allows for a wide variety of benches, from those dedicated to local businesses to benches promoting social causes.

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