18 Times People Were So Taken Away By The Beautiful Scenery

All of these beautiful nature photos are taken by regular people just like you and me – there are no photo filters to make these pretty views look even better, it’s all purely as it is in real life. And that, in our opinion, makes these places even more ethereal; just imagine what they would look like if you were there!

Here are 18 stunning and most scenic photos!

 1. View Outside The Window In Positano, A Hillside Village On The Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy


2. Cornwall, England. View From My Window This Morning


3. I Just Hiked To The Second Tallest Waterfall In The World, Tugela Falls In South Africa


4. Those Few Seconds That No One Passed This Way. Plitvice Lakes In Croatia Is Swamped By Tourists


5. Say What You Like About The North But We Have Some Epic Scenery


6.  Morning Hike On The Island Of Capri


7. Stuðlagil Canyon, Iceland


8. Was Treated To This View From My Kitchen. Thanks Universe


9. Taken With A Phone Out Of My Hotel Window In Venice


10. The View From My Schools Football Field


11. The View From My Home Office This Evening. I Love Snow


12. First Time In Yosemite And Absolutely Could Not Believe The Views!


13. Beautiful Sunset In Washington


14. View Of Cappadocia, Turkey From A Hot Air Balloon


15. Morning Views From Clear Lake Butte Fire Lookout


16. Cold, But Beautiful Day, In Cochem, Germany


17. Larches And The Matterhorn From A Train In Switzerland


18. This Cafe In Nocelle, Italy Had The Most Incredible Views


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