Most Breathtaking Forgotten Places Shared In The ‘Abandoned Beauties’ Facebook Group

Abandoned Beauties” is a Facebook group dedicated to celebrating and sharing the beauty of old deserted places. With over 1.2milion members, this place is a treasure trove for all the lovers of urban exploration (urbex). We have gathered a collection of gorgeous images of forgotten structures. 

Here we have some of the breathtaking ones.

1. The Abandoned Wooden Rollercoaster Known As “The Lost Thrills”

@Indula Deshan

2. Abandoned 17th Century Mansion In Italy

@Amny Fhm

3. A Boot-Shaped House Hidden Deep In The UK Forest

@Abandoned places

4. Abandoned Marylands House Is A True Horror Hous


5. Mossy Car In The Woods, Finland

6. Interesting Stone House, England

@Amny Fhmy

7. Gorgeous Flowers Spilling Over Onto Abandoned Train Tracks, Paris

@Luke The Skywalke

8. I Thought You Guys Might Appreciate This

@Abandoned places of the world

9. The Wyckoff Villa, Located On Carleton Island, NY Was Built In 1894 And Abandoned In The 1920s

@Ancient Histories & Mystery In The World

10. Electric Car Company Lot Left To Rot After Bankruptcy

@Creepy Places

11. 13th Century Tintagel Castle In North Cornwall, England


12. Madame Sherri’s Castle In Chesterfield, New Hampshire


13. Devil’s Entrance In The Highest Point Of The Mountain

@Forgotten 24

14. Amazing Witch House Deep Into The Forest … Ireland

15. The Devil’s Bridge Kromlau Germany


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