People Share The Weirdest Animal Facts They Know

The lifestyles and peculiarities of most animals are often a lot weirder than we might expect, particularly if your main frame of reference is “a cat goes meow and a dog goes woof.” The natural world is full of wonders and surprises waiting to be discovered. 

Here are some of the weirdest animal facts you may have never heard of.

1. The Blanket Octopus exhibits the highest degree of sexual dimorphism known. Females: About 6 feet across. Males: About one inch.

@Fabulous-Pause4154,Isabel Galvez

2. An ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain

@DMD612,Adriaan Greyling

3. When a female sloth wants a mate she’ll hang onto a tree branch and just scream.

@Remarkable_Sink2542,Roxanne Minnish

4. octopus punch other fish for no reason- so, for fun.

@Samanthalynn8915,Serena Repice Lentini

5. cats have the mental capacity of a 2 year old which makes a lot of sense

@Alive_Ad823,Peng Louis

6. Dolphins will intentionally use puffer fish to get high.

@altkaldra,HAMID ELBAZ

7. Woodpeckers’ tongues wrap around their brains to cushion them from the vibrations of slamming their face into trees all day.

@we_made_yewww,Chris F

8. Dragon flys have the highest kill rate out of any flying predator.

@Excellent_Priority_5,Jude Infantini

9. Cats can get pregnant while being pregnant.

@Odd_Zombie_1,Leonardo de Oliveira

10. Platypus glow blueish green under ultraviolet light. They also don’t have nipples, they just exude milk from glands under the skin and the baby’s lap it up.


11. Armadillos always have offspring in quadruplets

@Uncle_Bill,Dan RO

12. Male anglerfish are super teeny tiny compared to a female. When a male finally bumps into a female down in the deep deep dark, he attaches himself to her and slowly, over time, he becomes A PART OF HER

@SuzannaEmberwolf,NOAA/NMFS/SEFSC Pascagoula Laboratory

13. Deer will eat their offsprings feces in order to keep predators from even recognizing there are babies around.

@tunaonigiri,Siska Vrijburg

14. Humans have stripes. They are rarely visible but we all have them due to how our bodies developed in the womb. They’re called Blaschko Lines

@MaxximumB,Angela Roma

15. Blue whales are estimated to produce around 20 liters of semen each time they ejaculate

@tunaonigiri,Thomas Kelley

16. Kangaroos can’t hop backwards. So if you’re ever attacked by one, just step behind him. Thanks Snapple!

@Alarming-Ad9441,Ondrej Machart

17. Yes the egg came before the chicken. As the division of sex came long before vertebrate life. However it’s looking like sperm came slightly before the egg cell.

@altkaldra,Alison Burrell

18. Some insects don’t have a brain, instead using their whole nervous system to think. As a result, I recently saw a video of a decapitated wasp trying to eat its own head.


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