Blending Nature and Design in Tree Trunk Homes

Welcome to a world where nature and architecture coexist harmoniously. These extraordinary houses, crafted entirely from majestic tree trunks, blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

Here are some of the most captivating tree trunk houses around the world.

1. A house made from a huge tree trunk

2. The Shrine Drive-Thru Tree in Myers Flat, California

@Sarah Holaway Jaymes

3. The Maple Tree Shrine of Panayia Plataniotissa

It’s located in the village of Plataniotissa, which is around 30 kilometers northwest of Kalavryta in Greece. It is situated in a beautiful green location and is considered one of the most peculiar and special pilgrimage sites in Greece. The shrine is a very small church dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin Mary, and it is nestled inside the cavity of a huge, ancient plane tree

4. Tree stump gnome house built with natural and repurposed materials

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