Striking Photos Of Cities Shared In This Online Group

Some may think that humans ruined the natural landscape by building tall skyscrapers and houses, but there is some charm to them too. It is especially interesting to see the differences between cities, how they developed and how new and old cities are so different.

Here are 13 interesting pics of our cities around the world. More info: Reddit

1. The Gateway Arch In St. Louis, Missouri During The Recent Snowstorm


2. Cork, Ireland, Covered By A Fresh Blanket Of Snow


3. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (From A Different Angle)

4. Reykjavík


5. Lhasa, Tibet


6. Happy New Year! Moscow, Russia


7.  Beautiful Night View Of Lombard Street, San Francisco


8. Tokyo Looking Like Another World


9. New York City. What An Amazing Image


10. I Thought It Was Cool My First Time Flying Into Chicago Looked Like I Was Flying Into A Computer!


11. Suspension Railway In Wuppertal, Germany


12. A Foggy Day In Dubai


13. The Best Photo I’ve Taken In Chicago. From The Roof Of The Hard Rock Hotel

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