Stubborn Homeowners Who Refused To Move, And Faced Unexpected Consequences

We all love an underdog, don’t we? Someone who won’t be bullied, who will stand up for themselves and their rights in the face of all-powerful corporations and governments, they give us all hope that we little guys do have the power after all.

Often referred to as ‘nail houses’ or ‘holdouts,’ such as these have become high profile media sensations, particularly in China where the brave homeowners receive widespread support against the perceived bullying of the powers that be.

Here are some of the most astonishing examples of homeowners who refuse to move.

1. China’s Government Paved A Highway Around These Stubborn Homeowners.

2. In Guangzhou, The Authorities Have Had To Build A Ring Road Around This Block Of Flats Because Three Families Would Not Budge


3. Living Under A Bridge

@Dom Dada

4. A Lone Resident Holds Out Against Luxury Villas In Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, In July 2013

@HAP / Quirky China News / REX

5. One Chinese Family Refused To Move Their Relatives Ancient Graves. The Small, Bizarre Column Stood 10 Meters Above The Foundation Floor For Months, Until They Finally Accepted Compensation


6. Mrs Wu Ping Was The Only Person From 241 Properties Who Refused To Leave. She Battled With Contractors And Bids For Almost 3 Years Before Caving In April Of 2007 For Quite A Pretty Penny


7. This “Nail House” Is Blocking Traffic In Shanghai

8. A Nail House Sits In The Middle Of A Road Under Construction In Nanning, China, In April 2015. The Owner Of The House Didn’t Reach An Agreement With The Local Authority About Compensation For The Demolition

@China Stringer Network / Reuters

9.  Hard-Line Developers In China Diverted A River To Encircle Householders Who Refused To Move From Their 900-Year-Old Village

@Imaginechina/ Rex Features

10.  Nail Houses Whose Owners Refused To Relocate, At The Construction Field In Taiyuan, Shanxi Province Of China


11. A New Motorway In China Has Been Cut In Two After A Homeowner Refused To Sell Their House To Developers. The Homeowner Has Been Considering Whether To Move Or Not For Years Now


12.  This “Nail House” House Sits On A Mound Above Ground Level Because The Developer Dug Out The Land Around It

@China Stringer Network / Reuters

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