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Photos of Russian stadium that added seats OUTSIDE THE ARENA to be World Cup compliant

In preparation for the 2018 World Cup, a soccer stadium in Russia faced a major challenge. The Ekaterinburg Arena, home to FC Ural in the Russian Premier League, did not meet the seating capacity requirements set by FIFA.

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With only 27,000 seats, the stadium fell short of the standards outlined in FIFA’s “Stadium Requirements Handbook”. To address this issue, a unique solution was devised. Instead of constructing a new stadium, a stand was added outside the arena on massive scaffolding.

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This unconventional approach significantly increased the capacity from 27,000 to 45,000 spectators. However, it’s important to note that the stand is temporary and will be removed after the World Cup. What makes this solution particularly fascinating is the perspective it offers to fans.

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Due to the positioning of the stand and how the stadium walls frame the view, watching a game from this stand is almost akin to seeing it on a giant TV screen.

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