The Funniest And Most Passive Aggressive Neighbor Messages Ever

Colleagues and roommates aren’t the only ones who use passive aggressive language to send a message to those that annoy them. Here is a list of the most brilliant ways people told their neighbors they were being a**holes, and they will definitely give you some ideas on handling residential disputes.

1. Please Stop, He Needs To Quit

2.  Left My Printer Without A Passcode. My Neighbors Sent Me A Message


3. Our Elderly Neighbors Have This Sign Posted On The Bike Path In Their Backyard


4. Google Maps Level Neighbor Feud

5. The Sign Posted In Our Yard In The Fight Against Unwanted Dog Poop

@Emily Spice

6. How My Dad Deals With His Asshole Neighbor Who Checks With The City Whenever Anyone Does Any Work On Their Property


7. I Mowed My Elderly Neighbors Lawn. The People On The Left Of Her Mowed A Day After. I Guess I Didnt Mow Right To The Property Line. I Officially Hate These People Now


8.  Fyi From Your Neighbors Across The Way


9.  Out: Pink Flamingos. In: Headstones?


10. My Friend Parked Like A D-Bag. The Neighbor Kids Left Him A Message


11. Our Neighbours Very Precisely Only Cleaned Their Part Of The Wall


12. Saw This On My Neighbor’s Door This Morning


13.  Somebody In My Apartment Complex Posted This At Our Mailboxes


14. This Used To Be A Pretty Doormat

15. Bitter Man Buys The House Next Door To His Ex-Wife And Installs An Interesting Sculpture


16. Whenever A Ball Goes Into My Neighbors Yard, He Puts Them In His Tree So No One Can Get Them Back


17. A Message To My Neighbors


18. It Appears That My Neighbors Do In Fact Give A F**k


19. The Taking Tree

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