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30+ Times People Came Across Something ‘Mildly Interesting’ And Just Had To Share Online

When we keep getting bombarded by the 24/7 news cycle full of daunting headlines and fascinating stories, it’s easy to feel overloaded with information. Suddenly, you become weary, confused, and convinced nothing will surprise you anymore. But if that’s the case, this post is here to show you there are plenty of inspiring things happening in the world as well.

Here is Mildly Interesting photos that people came across something and just had to share online.

1. Someone Placed A Small Stick On Each Of The Dog Graves In This Cemetery


2. Interesting Reflection Caught On The Colorado River In Austin, Texas. Almost Looks Like An Underwater City


3. My Eggplant Has A Laser Marking Instead Of A Physical Sticker To Show It’s Organic


4. Opened A Roll Of Pennies And Found A 1908 Indian Head Penny


5. Tributes Left At The Grave Of John Bonham (LED Zeppelin Drummer)


6.  I’m Staying In A Scottish Village Called Dull. It’s Paired With Boring, Oregon


7. 3D Yearbook. Names Written In Braille. Georgia Academy For The Blind


8. The Shadow From This Plant Makes It Look Like There’s A Decal On My Friend’s Car


9. This Traffic Light In Germany Has A Little Girl And A Camel As Signal Lights


10. My Hotel In Istanbul Served A Whole Honeycomb For Breakfast


11. I Got A Whole Potato In A Bag Of Waffle Fries


12. Walmart Shipped A 90lb Kettlebell With No Packaging At All To My Home


13. Saw A Cloud That Looked Like Obama, (Louisiana)


14. These Two Men In A Fender Bender Are Dressed In The Same Colors As Their Cars


15. I Found The Geographic Center Of The United States


16. The Collection Of Things I Found In My New Suit


17. This Camper Van Trying To Make Traffic Safe


18. A School (?) Of Jellyfish Congregated Under This Boat


19. This Bar That Decorated Its Bar Top With The Confiscated Fake IDs Of College Students


20. I Solved An All Black Puzzle


21.  Finding Out That My Cat Potty Trained Himself


22. A Card I Received Today For Teacher Appreciation Week…

23. This Arrow On My Dog Showing Which Way Is Up


24. My Ice Cream Spoon That’s Shaped Like A Shovel


25. Found My Cat Laying In My Cat Shape Light That Fell


26. This Gate Allows Walkers And Horse Through But Blocks Vehicles


27. The Parking Lines At This Dentist’s In Dublin Are Toothbrushes With Some Toothpaste


28. This Slug Drew A Snail


29. A Condemned Apartment Complex On My Way To Work Had A Tree Growing Out The Side Of It


30. McDonald’s Using Reusable Packaging When You Order To Eat Indoors


31. This Gravestone Of Internet Explorer A Korean Made


32. These Warning Signs About The Aggressive Crow In The Area
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