Lacets de Montvernier: Spectacular Series Of Switchbacks

The Lacets de Montvernier is a spectacular series of switchbacks located in the French Alps. The road is a popular destination for cyclists and has been featured in several editions of the Tour de France. The switchbacks of Montvernier are a must-visit destination for anyone who loves cycling and wants to experience the beauty of the French Alps.

The History and It’s Construction

It was built in 1934 and was designed to connect the town of Montvernier to the Col du Chaussy. The road was built to overcome the steep gradient of the mountain and to provide access to remote areas of the French Alps. The construction of the road was a challenging feat of engineering, and it took nearly two years to complete. The road has a total of 18 switchbacks, and each hairpin turn has its own stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

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Cycling the Lacets de Montvernier

Cycling the Lacets de Montvernier is a challenge that every experienced cyclist should undertake. The road is a beautiful ride, but it’s also a difficult climb, with an average gradient of 8% and a maximum gradient of 14%. The climb is approximately 3.8 kilometers long, and it takes an average of 20 minutes for a professional cyclist to complete. While it is a challenging ride, the stunning scenery and panoramic views make it worth the effort.


Tour de France and Lacets de Montvernier

It was first introduced into the Tour de France in 2015 and has since become a famous icon in the race. The route took the cyclists up the gradient of the road, and it was a daunting feat that only the strongest riders could conquer. The Lacets de Montvernier has been featured in several editions of the Tour de France, and it has become a favorite for many fans of the race. The switchbacks of Montvernier provide a beautiful backdrop for the race and bring a sense of awe and wonder to those who witness the riders tackle the climb.

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