Paradise with the Breathtaking Jungle Pool at Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa in Bali

Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa – Breathtaking Jungle Pool In Bali is a luxurious escape nestled amidst the lush green jungle and rice fields of Ubud, Bali. This resort offers guests a unique fusion of nature and luxury, with stunning amenities, impeccable service, and breathtaking views of the surrounding jungle.

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Jungle Pool Bliss

The jewel in the crown of Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa is its world-famous jungle pool, which boasts some of the most spectacular views of the surrounding jungle. With a natural waterfall cascading into the pool, this is the perfect place to relax and unwind while soaking up the sounds and smells of the jungle.

Luxury Escapes

Its breathtaking design and picturesque location make it an Instagrammable spot for couples, families and solo travellers. The pool is also kid-friendly, with a shallow area for little ones to enjoy.


Spa and Wellness

Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa offers a range of world-class spa and wellness experiences at its beautifully designed on-site spa. Choose from traditional Balinese massage, hot stone therapy, aromatherapy, and more.

All are carefully designed to restore your emotional and physical balance, relax your muscles, and rejuvenate your mind. The spa’s natural setting is the perfect complement to the treatments, making your journey to wellness even more memorable.

Gourmet Experience

For food connoisseurs, Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa offers a wide range of dining options, crafted with locally sourced ingredients, featuring traditional Balinese dishes as well as international cuisine. Our award-winning Lumbung Restaurant serves as the centerpiece for our culinary experience, where diners can take in the stunning views of the Ayung River Valley while enjoying the unique fusion flavours of Balinese foods.

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We also host a range of cooking activities and themed dinners to help you discover more about the local food culture in this tropical paradise.

Accommodation in Jungle

At Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa, we offer a choice of breathtaking accommodation options, including villas, suites, and luxurious rooms. All accommodation options are individually designed to take advantage of the surrounding jungle and river scenery while offering amenities that blend seamlessly together with luxury furnishings.

The villas feature private pools for an exceptional experience, while the suites at our resort offer beautiful views of the surrounding jungle landscape, offering the privacy required to make your stay even more special.

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