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30+ Photos To Prove That Spain Is Unlike Any Other Country

Spain is the fourth-largest country in Europe. It has everything from stone castles and sophisticated cities to flat plains, and snowcapped mountains, all of which have made it a favored travel destination.

Here are 30+ interesting photos to prove that spain is unlike other country.

1.  Puente Nuevo In Ronda, Spain Is One Of The Most Beautiful Places On Earth

2. This Church Has Been Under Construction Since 1882 – The Basílica De La Sagrada Família In Barcelona, Spain. 138 years and is set to finish in 2026.


3. Exploring The Hidden Beauty Of Andalucia, Spain


4. Built In The Year 112 By The Romans Without Any Kind Of Mortar Or Cement, This Is The 15 Km Long Still Working Aqueduct Of Segovia, Spain

@Jaime Alonso’,Manuel González Olaechea y Franco

5. Meanwhile In Madrid, Someone Sculpted The Venus De Milo Out Of Snow


6. The Ticket To A Chocolate Museum In Barcelona Is A Chocolate


7. Selenite Cave Found In Spain


8. Melting Ice In The Sierra Nevada, Granada, Spain


9. Castillo De Coca (Castle Of Coca) – Central Spain


10. Trams In Seville (Spain) Have Fast Charging Batteries, Therefore Not Needing Catenaries Along The Track. The Trams Charge For About 15 Seconds Every Stop

@Daniel Silva,Bear-Jesus

11. Underwater Museum In Lanzarote Playa Blanca, Spain


12. The Los Ficus Building Is Built Under A Road In Tenerife, Spain. 60 Homes That Were Built In The ’60s Supporting A Road That Goes Down To The Coastline


13. This Village Is Built On A Basaltic Cliff More Than 50 Meters High And Spreads About 1 Kilometer Long (Castellfollit De La Roca, Spain)

It was formed by the erosive action of the Fluvià and Toronell rivers on the remains of lava flows from volcanic eruptions that took place over one hundred thousand years ago.

14. Street In Alicante, Spain


15. Temple Of The Sacred Heart, Barcelona, Spain


16. Beautiful Aragonite “Flowers” From A Cave In Mallorca Island, Spain


17. Blossoms In Barcelona


18. Castellers, Human Tower, Of Cataluña, Spain


19. The Kiss Of Death Sculpture At The Poblenou Cemetery In Barcelona, Spain


20. This Massive Library In Barcelona Is Built In What Was Formerly A Water Deposit Built In 1874

The pillars and vaults, inspired by the Romans, are this large as the water was held in a pool on the roof.

21. Some Of The Traffic Lights Have Traditional Clothing In Valencia, Spain


22. Sun Clock In Valencia, Spain


23. This Sidewalk Clock In Barcelona


24. Northern Spain Is Magical


25. A House Covered In Sea Shells In Saint Cougat, Spain


26. La Tomatina – A Festival That Is Held In The Valencian Town Of Buñol In Which Participants Throw Tomatoes And Get Involved In This Tomato Fight


27. This Graffiti On A Closed Newspaper Stand Replicates When It Is Open In Barcelona


28. This Public Toilet In Cadíz, Spain


29. Some Very Peaceful Street Performers In Seville, Spain


30. A Colorful, Bullet-Shaped Building In Barcelona


31. Cooked Snails Are A Common Snack In Bars In Sevilla (Spain)


32. This ATM In Barcelona Has The Keypad In Reverse Order


Credit to Simona Kinderytė

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