30+ Times Cat Owners Hilariously Caught Their Beloved Pets Malfunctioning 

What do ghosts and cats have in common? They’ll both knock objects off shelves and countertops when you’re not looking. They’ll both hide in your closet and be impossible to find when you’re looking for them. And they’ll both exhibit bizarre behavior that you’ll never truly understand!

Here 30+ times cat owners hilariously caught their beloved pets malfunctioning.

1. The Tables Have Turned


2. Drama Queen


3. She Had A Rough Day And Suddenly Deactivated


4. Showing Off Her Best Jeff Goldblum Impression


5. Looks Like I’ve Been Cought


6. Mondays Are Hard


7. ʍoǝɯ


8. Now This Is The Place To Rest!


9. Sleeping In A Drawer. Again


10. What Are They Doing??!!!


11. Why Is This Cat So Long???


12. Full Time Cat. Part Time Gargoyle


13. A Rug Bug


14. He Is Beauty. He Is Grace. He Is Triangle


15. Venus Is Loving Her New Living Arrangement


16. She Looks Like A Mascot!


17. Why Are Cats Always Weirdos When In The Bathroom


18. I Already Wanted To Beat You Up Bro


19. Terrifying Sight When You Are Just Trying To Take A Bath


20. This Is Gatsby At Approximately 40% Of His Maximum Awkwardness


21. Night Shift


22. I Had To Get Up To Pee And Moo Was Not Pleased


23. The Bean Eats Fingers


24. What Is He Doing?


25. Dean Making A Silly Face


26. 1 Bed, 3 Couches In This House. Bethany’s Preferred Sleeping Spot, The Cable Box


27. Strange Spot For A Nap But Alright


28. High Five!


29. He Likes Shoes


30. Hug Stretch? Face Holding? Unclear


31. Pop Goes The Pixie-Weasel


32. A Sneeze (I Think)


33. Good Thing I Checked The Dryer


34. Caught In The Act Of Attacking A Roll Of Toilet Paper


35. Someone’s Mad

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