World’s Most Dangerous and Thrilling Roads

World’s Most Dangerous and Thrilling Roads

Here are some of the most dangerous roads in the world.

Zojila Pass is one of the important high mountain passes in Jammu and Kashmir, India

Hairpin turns on the road up to Timmelsjoch on the Italian side. Timmelsjoch Hochstrasse, between Tirol (Austria) and South Tirol (Italy) 

The Death Road in Bolivia is narrow, unpaved, winds down cliffsides; infamous for accidents and treachery

Kolli Hills road in Tamil Nadu, India: dangerous, with 70 hairpin bends, no guardrails, prone to landslides

Hana Highway in Hawaii is an adventurous 52-mile scenic route with narrow lanes, waterfalls, forests, and beaches

Guoliang Tunnel Road: remarkable hand-carved cliff road in China; short, narrow, switchbacks, thrilling, with breathtaking views

The Stelvio Pass is a picturesque and challenging road that spans over the Italian Alps, with over 60 hairpin turns and 3,000m of elevation

Road to Hell is 1.25-mile moderate to difficult trail descending 800 ft into the cavern’s Big Room with steep switchbacks and slippery terrain

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