Chinese Mall Football Pitches – A New Way of Enjoying the Beautiful Game

 The Chinese Mall Football Pitch – A Revolutionary Way to Play Football.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, with millions of players and fans worldwide. While traditional football pitches are the most common places to play, the Chinese Mall Football Pitch offers a revolutionary new way to enjoy the beautiful game.


Located in a shopping mall in Guangzhou, China, the pitch is a unique combination of a traditional football field and a shopping center. The pitch, which is located on the mall’s rooftop, is made of artificial turf and measures 200 feet by 100 feet.

One of the most impressive features of the Chinese Mall Football Pitch is that it is surrounded by large, clear walls that allow shoppers to watch the games from the comfort of the mall. This creates a vibrant atmosphere and makes the pitch a focal point of the mall’s activities.


In addition to the social and entertainment benefits of the Chinese Mall Football Pitch, it also offers practical advantages for players. The artificial turf is specially designed to reduce the risk of injury, and the pitch’s location on the rooftop means that players can enjoy fresh air and natural light while they play.

Exploring the Benefits of a Chinese Mall Football Pitch – Accessibility & Affordability

The Chinese Mall Football Pitch is a unique and innovative way to enjoy the beautiful game. Not only does it offer a new experience for players and fans, but it also has several benefits in terms of accessibility and affordability.

One of the biggest advantages of the Chinese Mall Football Pitch is its accessibility. Located in a shopping mall, the pitch is easily accessible to anyone who wants to play or watch a game. This is especially convenient for those who may not have access to traditional football pitches or who live in areas where outdoor sports facilities are limited.

The pitch is also very affordable, with a reasonable fee for players to book and use the pitch. This makes it an attractive option for amateur players, especially those on a tight budget who may not be able to afford the high costs of joining a traditional football club.

Additionally, the clear walls surrounding the pitch allow for easy viewing, making it an ideal location for friends and family to watch and support their loved ones during a game. The location on the rooftop of the mall also provides a unique vantage point, with views of the city skyline and surrounding area adding to the overall experience.

Furthermore, the artificial turf surface of the Chinese Mall Football Pitch is low maintenance and durable, meaning it can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. This also means that the pitch is available year-round, regardless of weather conditions, making it a reliable and consistent option for players.

From Amateur Players to Professional Athletes – Who’s Playing on these Pitches?

The Chinese Mall Football Pitch has become a popular destination for a wide range of football players, from amateur enthusiasts to professional athletes. Players of all skill levels are drawn to the unique experience of playing in a mall, and the pitch has seen a diverse range of players take to the field.

At the amateur level, the pitch has become a hub for casual players who enjoy the convenience and affordability of the location. Friends and families often book the pitch for friendly matches, while local schools and universities use the pitch as a venue for their sports teams.

In addition to amateur players, the Chinese Mall Football Pitch has also attracted a number of professional athletes. The pitch has been used by several Chinese Super League clubs for training sessions, and has even hosted exhibition matches featuring international players.

The pitch has also been used for promotional events by major football brands, such as Nike and Adidas, who have organized competitions and events on the pitch to showcase their latest products.

Furthermore, the Chinese Mall Football Pitch has also become a popular destination for international teams visiting China. Several Premier League and La Liga clubs have trained on the pitch during their pre-season tours, taking advantage of the unique location and facilities.

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