Ancient Temples of Mount Fanjingshan

Temple-Hopping on Mount Fanjingshan

China is a land that is steeped in ancient history and culture. The country boasts of numerous beautiful and ancient temples that are located in its various regions. Few structures can compare to the beauty and significance of the Mount Fanjingshan Temples, which are located in the Wuling Mountains of Guizhou Province, China. The temples are an essential religious site and a popular destination for Buddhist pilgrims.

The Mount Fanjingshan Temples overlook the stunning Fanjing Mountain peak, which rises 2,570 meters above sea level. These temples are surrounded by dense forests and offer a serene atmosphere where visitors can contemplate their spirituality. The temples date back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) and are believed to host precious Tang Dynasty Buddhist scriptures, which are enshrined inside.

The temples were initially built to honor the Buddhist saint Bodhisattva and have been reconstructed and refurbished over the centuries. Temples’ architecture is striking and features a combination of styles, including the Tang Dynasty and Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 CE) architectural styles. Additionally, the temples boast of breathtaking frescoes and stone carvings that depict Buddhist legends, beliefs, and teachings.

The most prominent temple at Mount Fanjingshan is the Red Clouds Golden Summit Temple, which is situated at 2,548 meters above sea level. The temple is accessible by hiking up the mountain, ascending 8,888 steps – a remarkable number for Buddhists followers as 8 is believed to be a lucky number in their culture. The temple attracts throngs of visitors who seek to make ritual offerings and prayers at the temple hall to cleanse their souls and seek blessings. Moreover, the panoramic views from the temple’s summit are awe-inspiring and offer a unique perspective of the surrounding natural landscape.

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Another notable temple is the Mawei Temple, which is renowned for its magnificent frescoes and statues of Bodhisattva. The temple is situated on the southern side of the peak and is believed to date back to the Ming Dynasty. Visitors to the Mount Fanjingshan Temples can also visit the Hongyun Temple and the Temple of the Buddha’s Light, which are other popular temples in the region.

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