Unique Hunting Lodge Inside Elliðaey Island

Elliðaey Island Hunting Lodge is a unique and isolated retreat situated on the eponymous island, off the coast of Iceland. Frequented by hunters and fishermen, this remote lodge is the perfect escape for those in search of solitude, adventure, and breathtaking scenery.


The World’s Loneliest House

The Elliðaey Island Hunting Lodge has gained international recognition for being the ‘World’s Loneliest House.’ The lodge’s location on a remote island, surrounded by the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, certainly contributes to this title. The feeling of complete isolation offers a rare opportunity to disconnect from the modern world and be entirely present in one’s surroundings.


A Unique Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The lodge is a perfect blend of traditional Icelandic architecture and modern amenities, offering all the comforts one would expect from a luxurious retreat. The structure is built from volcanic stone and blends in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.


The interior is well-appointed with luxurious furnishings, a fully-equipped kitchen, and comfortable living spaces. Guests can enjoy a roaring fire in the stone fireplace while admiring the stunning beauty of the island’s rugged terrain.

A Haven for Hunters and Fishermen

Elliðaey Island is a haven for hunters and fishermen seeking a unique and challenging experience. The surrounding waters are a rich source of fish, including salmon, trout, and cod, while the island’s terrain is home to various game, including wild reindeer. The experience of hunting and fishing in such a remote and beautiful location is unmatched, making it an unforgettable adventure.


Elliðaey Island Hunting Lodge is a unique and remote retreat offering an unforgettable experience for those seeking adventure, solitude, and breathtaking scenery. Its blend of traditional Icelandic architecture and modern amenities makes it a luxurious haven for hunters and fishermen.

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