Discovering the Best of Druzhba Sanatorium

Exploring Druzhba Sanatorium Health Resort

Druzhba Sanatorium is a health resort located in Yalta, a city on the Black Sea coast of the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine. Established in 1927, the sanatorium has been providing high-quality health and wellness services for over 90 years.


The sanatorium is situated on the coast of the Black Sea, surrounded by beautiful gardens and parks, and is known for its picturesque landscapes and mild climate. The weather in Yalta is ideal for relaxation and recovery, especially for those suffering from respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous system disorders.


Druzhba Sanatorium offers a range of treatments and services dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of its guests. The resort’s wide range of treatments includes mud baths, air baths, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, and various massages. There are also many healthy activities such as fitness classes, swimming in the sea, and picnics in the surrounding natural beauty.


The resort is also equipped with modern medical facilities and a highly professional staff of doctors and medical professionals who are available to provide treatment and advice to guests at all times. This ensures that every guest receives personalized care and attention, which is essential for the success of their recovery.


One of the most impressive features of the Druzhba Sanatorium is its eco-friendliness. The resort produces its own electricity, water, and heat, reducing its carbon footprint and preserving the natural environment of the area. This eco-friendly approach is not only good for the environment, but it also contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of the guests.

In addition to its health and wellness services, the sanatorium provides guests with comfortable accommodation and delicious healthy meals. The rooms are spacious and well-equipped, providing guests with comfortable and relaxing surroundings to complement their treatments.

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