30 Beautiful And Cute Bugs You May Not Have Seen Before

Yes, we did it – we’ve checked under the Internet’s rug and found some bugs, insects, caterpillars, arachnids, and their kin that’ll make you go ‘awwww’ instead of ‘ewwww’ upon inspecting the cute photos. Now, lovebugs, and those who love bugs, stretch your fingers, prepare your cutest grin and scroll down below.

1. This Moth My Neighbor’s Dog Found


2. Made A New Friend


3.  Eww!! Bugs Can’t Be Adorab…. Never Mind


4. The Orchid Mantis

Beautiful specimens such as this are rare because their color makes them hard to see in the rain forest, which is why they are colored as such.

5. Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar Pretending To Be A Snake


6. My Silkworm Hatched From It’s Cocoon Today And Became A Tiny Teddy-Bear Bug


7. Lady Bug Made A Trail In The Morning Dew On My Car


8. Found A Bunch Of Tiny Grasshoppers While I Was Surveying A Corn Field. They’re So Cute


9. Saw This Little Guy At The Shooting Range Today


10. Found This Little Jumping Spider Peeking Out From His House


11. Little Moth Says “Yo


12. So I Heard My Mom Screaming About A Spider In Her Room. Simply Terrifying


13. Mississippi, Looks Like A Baby Praying Mantis


14. Them Big Ol Peepers


15. Happy Little Stink Bug Eggs


16. Cute Little Green Grocer, He Looked Velvety Soft


17. Cute Moth I Rescued From A Screened In Room At My Nursery In Central FL


18. I Think It’s Time For A New Artwork


19. Found A Cute Jumping Spider Today At The Gardening Store


20. One Of My Hissing Roaches Molted And Looks Like An Adorable Cartoon Character


21.  It’s Kind Of Orangish-Yellow And A Little Fluffy. It Looks Like Some Kind Of Beetle To Me. Found In North-Eastern Germany


22. Spiderbro On My Hanging Plant


23. I Found This Cute Mantis The Other Day


24. I Have This Image In My Phone For Years


25. A Teal Colored Weevil


26. A Freshly Hatched Walking Stick! So Cute And Still Soft


27.  A Weevil From My Backyard, I Love Weevils So Much


28. This Cute Buff Ermine Moth


29. Landed On My Friend And Hung For A While, Tried To Square Up Too. Found Near Water In The Willamette Valley, OR


30. Hand Fed A Bumblebee


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