Peculiar Crop Circles in Miyazaki: The Result of a 50-Year Forestry Experiment

A forestry experiment that was initiated almost half a century ago has led to the creation of unique crop circles in Japan’s Miyazaki prefecture. The phenomenon has sparked the attention of locals and researchers alike, leaving many to wonder how this occurrence came to be and what it signifies.

The experiment in question was conducted in 1973 by the Japanese government as a means to improve the quality of timber produced in the area. Their approach was to plant various species of trees in circular formations, each measuring around 10 meters in diameter, and monitor their growth over time. The experiment aimed to determine which tree species could produce the best quality timber and yield the highest volume of wood per hectare.

As the trees grew, the circular formations became more defined, resulting in the peculiar crop circles that have become a popular attraction in the area. The crop circles are made up of various species of trees, with some formations consisting of just one kind of tree and others being a mixture of several species.

The unique formations and the fact that they have been around for almost half a century have led some to believe that the trees have formed some kind of natural pattern. However, researchers have dismissed this notion, stating that the circular formations are the result of the human intervention that began in the 1970s.

Despite the absence of a natural explanation for the crop circles, the experiment has paved the way for more sustainable forestry practices in the region. The government’s decision to focus on tree species that were indigenous to the area has led to the cultivation of a healthier forest ecosystem. The circular formations have also allowed trees to grow closer together, reducing the amount of space needed for planting and maximizing the available land. This has resulted in a more efficient use of the land and, ultimately, higher yields of timber.

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The experiment which began nearly 50 years ago has led to the development of a sustainable and profitable forestry industry in the region. The Miyazaki Prefecture is now considered one of the most productive forestry areas in Japan, with the crop circles serving as a testament to the region’s commitment to sustainable forestry practices. According to

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