Mysterious History of Castel Meur, The House Between The Rocks

Castel Meur is a castle located in the commune of Plougonvelin, near Brest, France. It was built in the 13th century by Jean de Montfort and his wife Alix de Thouars. The castle stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the bay of Douarnenez.
The original structure was destroyed during the French Revolution but was rebuilt in 1820 by Louis XVIII as a summer residence for himself and his family. Castel Meur has been owned by the French government since 1906 and designated as an historic monument since 1921. The castle is open to tourists during summer months (June-September).


The History of Castel Meur

Castel Meur was built by the Knights Templar in the 12th century and played an important role in the region’s military and economic development. It fell into disrepair after being abandoned during World War II, but was bought by a local family in 1994 and restored to its former glory. Now owned by Jean-Pierre and Anne-Marie Malloue, it is open to visitors who can explore its many rooms and enjoy breathtaking views of Cap Ferret’s famous rock formations from its terraces.

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The Architecture of Castel Meur

Castel Meur is a medieval castle built in the 14th century. Originally constructed as a stronghold for the local lords, it was later converted into a residence and has been renovated many times since its initial construction but original features still visible today.
The architecture of Castel Meur reflects its history: it’s small and compact with two floors above ground level and two below; its walls are thick enough to withstand cannon shots; there are arrow slits on all sides; there are also underground passages leading from one part of the castle to another so that people could escape if necessary (this was common practice during wartimes).

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The Cultural Significance of Castel Meur

Castel Meur is a historic monument that has played an important role in the region for centuries. It’s been used as a residence, meeting place and even prison. The castle was built by King Louis IX of France to protect his lands from invaders during the Hundred Years War with England.
Castel Meur was part of the Great Wall of France and served as protection against attacks by the English during their Hundred Years War with France.

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The Restoration of Castel Meur

In 1994, the castle was purchased by the Malloue family. They began restoration work on Castel Meur and completed it in 2008. The castle has been maintained since then and is open to visitors year-round.

The Surroundings of Castel Meur

Castel Meur is surrounded by lush forests and beautiful countryside, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The area is known for its abundance of wildlife, including deer, wild boar and birds of prey. This makes it a popular destination for nature lovers who want to explore this stunning region.

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Visiting Castel Meur

Castel Meur is open to visitors during the summer months (June-September) offering guided tours of the castle and its grounds. Visitors can also explore the surrounding countryside with its abundance of wildlife and enjoy the spectacular views from this unique vantage point, which includes a view over Porto Pollo Bay.

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