20+ Photos Of Animal Care Workers Use For Weighing Different Animals

We usually think of weighing oneself as a not-very-pleasing endeavor we either do and no questions asked, or blatantly ignore. But it’s a whole different story if we’re talking adorable and tiny animals being put on scales.

Here are 23 photos of animal care workers use for weighing different animals.

1. Koala Being Weight


2. A Cub Gets Weighed At Bifengxia Panda Base In Sichuan Province, China


3. Its Weigh Day!

@Kangaroo Island Koala and Wildlife Rescue Centre

4. I Work At A Bird Banding Station, And We Use Burritos To Weigh The Owls We Catch

5. Here’s How You Weigh A Baby Giraffe


6. Wrapping Wiggly Patients, Such As This Saw-whet Owl, In A Specially Designed Wrap Makes It Easier To Weigh Them

@The Raptor Center

7. Southern Rockhopper Penguin


8. Bucket Sheep’ weight Measurement For Lambs


9. Baby Zebra Being Weighed


10. Here’s How You Weigh A Baby Orangutan


11. Filed Under – “How To Weigh A Wild Sloth”

@Sam Trull

12. This Baby Bat Sitting Patiently Whilst Being Weighed


13. Weighing A Lion Cub


14. Our New Kitten Had To Be Tricked Into Being Weighed


15. Baby Koala Being Weighed


16. Puppy Weighed


17. Weighing A Baby Stingray


18. Weighing A Baby Porcupine (A Porcupette!).


19. How To Weigh A Prairie Dog


20. Upside Down Weighing


21. Weighing A Baby Lemur


22. Move Over! I Get In, Too!


23. This Is How You Weigh A Koala Joey


24. Baby Wombats Getting Their Weight Checked

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