Unlucky Animals Whose Day Didn’t Go Exactly As They Planned

Well, these poor animals, and you’ll probably see that they might be having a way worse day than you. Just like us humans, our furry friends – dogs, cats, squirrels, and even lizards – can get themselves into pretty sticky situations. 

1. Probably 10 Inches Of Snow In Our Garden. Making It A Little Bit Tricky For Otto – Our Sausage Dog – To Get Around


2. They Were Both Sleeping 3 Minutes Ago


3. Albert Got An Owie. Albert Got Shaved And Had To Put On The Cone Of Shame. Albert Is Not Having The Best Day


4. A Girl Teaching Her Cat How To Write


5. If The Vet Can’t See Him, She Can’t Treat Him


6. My Friend’s Cat Got Shaved At The Vet And Now She Looks Like A Game Of Exquisite Corpse


7. Toby Snuck Out Early This Morning When I Opened The Door To Take Out The Trash. He’s Back Now, And Very Remorseful


8. He’s A Good Boy, I Swear


9. The Best Pillow Is An (Unwilling) Friend


10. My Friend Helped Rescue A Raccoon That Was Stuck In A Drain

@Josh Behling

11. My Dog Got Stuck On The Swing Today


12. Poor Baby Got Neutered And The Dog Thinks He’s A Toy


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