Architects Outdid Themselves With These Alien-Like Buildings

Whether you’re walking the streets of a city you know like the palm of your hand or someplace completely unfamiliar, some buildings might make you stop dead in your tracks. It’s because some architectural gems are so astonishing, they never cease to impress the passersby or catch their attention, be it for all the right or wrong reasons.

1. Ribbon Wedding Chapel In Hiroshima, Japan


2. Geisel Library – 1970


3. Science And Technology Museum, Wuhan


4. No Clue What This. Wenzhou, China


5. I Dont Think Balcony Is The Word For These Pod Things

6. Port Authority, Antwerp, Belgium (2016)


7. Duinhotel Tien Torens, Netherlands.

@Aruna L Raven

8. This Is The New Greek Orthodox Church In Lower Manhattan Designed By Santiago Calatrava

@The-Main Gina

9. Shoreditch Hotel In London


10. The Central Mosque – Cologne, Germany


11. Luma Arles. Often Called An Architectural Folly. Or A Crushed Soda Can By The Locals. I Like It. Arles, France


12. Kunsthaus (Art House) Graz Art Museum (Aka The “Friendly Alien”), Graz, Austria – 2003. Designed By Colin Fournier And Sir Peter Cook


13. “The Wave” Residential Building In Vejle, Denmark


14. Us Embassy In London, UK


15. It’s Actually A Real House. It Was Featured On Netflix’s World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

@Cameron John Heynes

16. Meanwhile In Canada

@Pete McKeever

17. Grand Shopping Center, Facts Emporia, Malmo, Sweden


18. A Good Friend Of Mine Discovered This In Florida. I Wonder What Would Oscar Niemeyer Say About It?

@Laura Kulfas

19. What’s The Inside Like?

@Christina Barnes-Bloemendaa

20. Louis Vuitton’s Flagship Ginza (Japan) Store


21. Baby Borg Cube. Decorative, Not Functional

@Marion Armstrong

22. Mi’costa Hotel Residences, Cesme, Izmir Peninsula Of Turkey (2013) By Uras X Dilekci Architects


23. Not In The Western Hemisphere

@Robert Motor

24. What Is This? Soda Experiment Gone Wrong? Architect Parent And Their Toddler Do Project Together?

@Bert van Manen

25. Who Wants Some Chinese Gothic Style Apartments?

@David Shia

26. Not Sure What It Is, But I’m Pretty Sure It’s Malignant

@Carina Cutler

27. This One May Not Seem Strange But There Is A Glass Bottomed Pool Suspended 200 Ft Off The Ground

@Kevin Keyser

28. Los Angeles

@Mike Drips

29. Talk About A Building That Fits In With Its Neighbors! Woohoo! But, Who’s Going To Clean Those Windows?

@Stuart Emanuel

30. Apartment Building In Poland

@Jorge C. Alves

31. Located In Mississauga, Ontario

@James Kuntz

32. Orange Julep In Montréal

@Marta Ionescu

33. But Can It Blow Up A Planet?

@Fred Schendstok

34. Casa De Napoli – Aldo Lori Rossi

@Omar Fresco Rivera

35. It’s The Leasing Office Of An Apt Complex

@Carolyn Shepard

36. Gangnam, Seoul

@Suzann Lee

37. Mirador Building, Madrid

@Ruairi Abrahams

38. A Lot Going On Here (None Of It Good)

@John Dollison

39. Can Someone Explain What This Is?

@Jd Donmoyer

40. New Apartment Building In St Louis Missouri

@Elinor Gaddy

41. Tower Near Obere Augartenstrasse

@Gianluca Berardi

42. Anyone Know About This In Detroit?

@Bob Von Liski

43. What Do You Think Of This?

@John Newman
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