50 Rescued Pets Who Just Became Someone’s Family Members 

Any pet owner will tell you how rewarding it is to have an adorable little creature running around your home. Sure, they might make messes at times or chew up valuables, but the small annoyances are greatly outweighed by the joy and companionship they bring. And if you’re looking to bring a new fur baby into your home, the best places to look are animal shelters and rescues!

Scrolling down 50 photos, let’s celebrate the ones that melted our hearts the most!

1. Today I Adopted This Beautiful Queen, Her Name Is Nettie And Shes 18 Years Old💞👑


2. From Rough Dubai Streets To The English Countryside


3. Poor Guy Got Dumped In Snow Storm

I felt terrible for the poor boy and had to adopt him. He is a very sweet dog and so well mannered.


4. Toast Isn’t So Sure Of His New Baby Brother Willy


5. Found This Little Furry Rascal Freezing On The Street Yesterday. Tomorow We Are Going To The Vet ! Welcome Home Dante/Lucifer 😻🐈‍⬛️


6. Found A Wee Kitty On A Road 🥺 Mine Now


7. Adopted Rocco And She Said “Let’s Keep Him Forever And Ever And Ever”


8. This Is The Face That Got Him Adopted


9. We Adopted An 11-Year Old Cat From A Chicago Shelter. He And My 13-Yo Daughter Fell In Love. This Is Them After She Got Back From A Week At Camp


10. My Friend Just Texted “Adopted A Dog Yesterday”…. With This Pic


11. My Rescue Cat Assuring My Recently Adopted Pup That She Will Be All Right And Is Now In A Home Full Of Love


12. Had To Say Goodbye To Becker. Adopted Him At 18 Because He Needed A Final Home And He Surprised Us By Being The Most Loving Cat That Ever Lived. Never Missed An Opportunity To Get Pets And Would Always Greet You At The Door. I Don’t Think He Ever Stopped Purring. #adoptdontshop


13. Today, I Adopted Two 8 Week Old Kittens Who Are Brothers. I Originally Applied For One But When I Got The Call About Being Accepted To Adopt, I Was Asked If I Wanted To Adopt The Brothers Together Because The People Adopting His Brother Backed Out. Meet Kingston And Derby!


14. This Is Ruger. We Rescued Him In August. He Was Found In A Box On The Side Of The Road. No Fault Of His Own. This Poor Boy Would Have Died. I Can’t Even Think Of It Without Crying. He Is Now One Of Our Children And Will Never Go Anywhere Else


15. This Cat Was Abandoned And This Is His Photo Minutes After Being Rescued


16. Rescued Good Girl Wants All The Love


17. My Cat Had Anxiety Issues, So We Adopted A Little Sister For Him


18. On Our Way Home From Adopting Her. Like Father Like Daughter


19. My Dog, Who Has Never Liked Cats, Adopted My Bottle Baby Foster Kitten. She Adopted Him Too, I Think


20. Adopted Her Today! Finally Peeking Out Of The Couch


21. My Mom Meeting Her Dream Kitten For The First Time Today!


22. He Was A Rescue. A Runt. Probably Blind, Deaf, Won’t Make It Very Long, They Told Me. Well, Happy 10th Birthday, Buddy


23. The Way Our New Puppy Looked At Me The Whole Ride To Her New Home Melted My Heart


24. Meet Lucy. Our 5 Year Old, Recently Adopted Spaz With A Zest For Life And A Need For Constant Belly Rubs. I Hope She Makes Someone Smile


25. My Grandmother (87) With Her Newly Adopted Senior Peanut (14) On Their Way Home From Foster Care Today 😭


26. I Didn’t Know Cats Could Have Such A Wide Range Of Emotion Until I Adopted Leonardo Dicatprio


27. The Love Of A Rescue Dog


28. Adopted Him Last Week From A Shelter. I Think He’s Happy About It


29. This Cat Adopted A Puppy


30. Lots Of Strange Things Happening In The World Lately. Adopted This Rescue Kitty Today To Help Make Both Our Lives Better


31. Karen And Kevin. Adopt, Don’t Shop. 🙂


32. The Cds Wasn’t Working For Me, So I Went To The Shelter And Adopted The Oldest Cat There. Meet Cucumber

Meet Cucumber (named by my 7yo). He is a 10yr love bug.


33. My Beautiful Street Kitties


34. My Dad’s Dog Adopted An Orange Boy

Tigger, showed up a few days before Christmas on my folks’ porch. Folks thought he might be a nearby farm cat, but he didn’t leave after a day and a half. Cruz, the dog, refused to eat his dinner in the second day and kept whining at the door. He didn’t go to his bowl till Tigger was let in. He then waited for Tigger to eat his full of his food before he finally ate. They’re now absolute best bros


35. Adopted Rocco And She Said “Let’s Keep Him Forever And Ever And Ever”


36. I Just Adopted This Girl From An Elderly Couple

This is an 11 year old female red foot. Shell length of 15″.


37. Adopted A Cat 2 Days Ago, This Is Her Now


38. Found This Little Baby Left Alone In The Middle Of A Parking Lot Yesterday, Taken Her Into A Vet And They Say She’s Doing Well So Far!


39. Hi, My Name Is Lulu

I don’t like any human but my own human.


40. Adopted Our Very First Cat Last Weekend. I Was Worried We’d Get A Non-Friendly Cat Who Was Very Standoffish But She’s An Angel. Is Interested With Anything, Wants To Be Cradled Like A Baby, Vibrates All The Time


41. Just Adopted This Handsome Boy


42. New Adoption; So Many Beans!


43. Adopted This Little Booger About A Week Ago


44. Adopted This Sweetie Today And Within 15 Minutes She Was Laid Up And Purring


45. Just Adopted This Baby Friday. The Shelter Said Great Pyrenees & Saint Bernard, But I’m Really Unsure!


46. The First Day I Adopted Him

This was the first night adopted him. I was crying and he came to comfort me even though he barely knew me. He’s such a sweet soul


47. I Adopted Two Orange Cats And My Mornings Started To Look Like This 💕


48. Adopted Cat Loves Our Dog


49. Just Adopted This Sweet Girl A Few Hours Ago


50. My Cat Was Feeling Lonely, So I Adopted A Cat For My Cat… Should I Adopt Another Cat, For My Cat’s Cat? Lol

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