Is It Actually Trying To Reattach It’s Head?(VIDEO)

Arthropods have “ganglia” in each segment of their body, kind of like mini brains. Most of the brain power is still in their heads but if they get decapitated they can still think and continue living until they die of starvation.

In this video, a wasp (incorrectly labeled as a bee) can be seen going full zombie. After somehow having its head pop off, it attempts to reattach it by shoving it back onto its wasp neck. If you can’t make it through the whole video, it’s unsuccessful in its attempt.

The circumstances of the wasp nearly losing its head remain unknown. The question of how it can manipulate its severed head without perishing has sparked various theories from Reddit commenters. Some propose that the wasp’s actions are not intentional, but rather the result of random nerve impulses in its last moments. Others suggest that the faint thread connecting the wasp’s head and body could potentially trigger its arms to reattach the head. Whichever explanation holds true, it remains unsettling.

Some commenters expressed a mix of emotions upon viewing the video. While some empathized with the bug’s suffering, others found amusement in witnessing the wasp’s demise, especially since it wasn’t a bee. One user shared their initial expectation of a sad video about an injured bee but ended up finding joy in witnessing the fate of one more wasp. Another commenter stated their belief that wasps are inherently devilish creatures.

However, it’s important to note that encountering a headless wasp doesn’t guarantee safety, as these insects can surprisingly survive for a significant period without their heads. That’s why it’s advised to approach the task of eliminating wasps with caution, adopting a “double-tap” strategy akin to dealing with zombies.

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