Valley Of The Planets One Of Libya’s Treasures

Here is one of the wonders of the world, which resembles planets and celestial bodies. This place is called the Valley of the Planets in the Kufra region of the Arab state of Libya. It is one of the treasures of the state of Libya with its desert, although not many people know about it.

Al-Uwainat is located near the city of Ghat in southwestern Libya in the remote desert of the valley known as “Wan Tkufi” in the area from Hamada to the Ghat heights.

Perhaps the strangest thing in Libya, if not the strangest in the world, is that in this valley far from Al-Owainat (about 1130 km south of Tripoli), huge rocks take the form of planets, giving visitors a feeling of being in space.

Each rock has an average diameter of about 10 meters, and these spherical rocks are stacked side by side for a distance of about 30 km. These rocks, for a reason that scientists have not yet guessed, move by themselves in a motion similar to the movement of planets in the solar system around the Sun.

These stones have a completely different composition from any other rocks found on our planet. In fact, they have been classified as living rocks because they “die” like any other living creature.

When these stones reach the end of their lives, they break from the inside out until they are completely cracked and practically hollow.

What also distinguishes this valley is its solid rocky soil without water or agriculture.Since it was not constructed but rather is a natural formation. The rocks in the valley, which resemble planets, have formed over time due to natural geological processes. These spherical rocks are believed to have unique properties and composition that differentiate them from other rocks on Earth.

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